Taking high school pictures should also include those things that your graduate is into at this time in their life. If they are in a sport, it goes without saying that this it needs to be part of their session. Be it dance, football, soccer, basketball, or field hockey. We take the time to set up those movie poster types of images that make us unique in this area.
Normally when one thinks of senior pictures, this is the style of images that pop into your head. Often playful and on location, these are meant to really bring out the personality of the graduate, be it serious or whimsical. Even those these are often on location somewhere special, we will still bring studio lighting to be sure the scene is everything it can be.
Painterly Senior Portraits
Painterly portraits are a product for those that desire a timelessly themed, yet highly styled image. These images are printed on canvas and paint is then applied to the highlights as well as to add texture to the photo. The result is a beautifully unique piece of artwork that can be handed down for generations. Check out my work in the Pfister Hotel, downtown Milwaukee!
Studio Sessions
Often the photo for the yearbook will come from a studio session. This is optional, but with our large studio in Germantown, WI we can shoot whatever we need to regardless of the season or weather. Often our adventure will start here with hair and makeup, and is photographed before we head outside where the wind can mess things up.
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