First of all, there please realize there are a few differences in what you will receive from me over most photographers.  
All of your images are going to be professionally retouched.  Not just loaded into software like Adobe Lightroom and some filter applied.  But an actual retouch where the skin will be as good as it would be on your best day.  This means your images will not look retouched, and that is the sign of a job well done.
Second, I always bring studio lighting with me, even if we shoot outside.  You will get amazing images that are not dependent on the weather or time of day.  If you would love to do an early morning sunrise, or that epic moody evening shot downtown, we can make that happen.  We can even shoot images others could never handle, like a surfing senior in a prom dress with the sun behind her.  Yea, we did that. :-)
Lastly, you can always bring a BFF with you to your shoot and get a few shots with them.  As a senior, the friends you have now will often be those you have many years to come.  Taking a moment to capture them with you is a big part of who you are today, and that is why we do this.
All of these things mean I am probably a bit more expensive than your friend with the nice camera.  But, in my opinion, spending a bit more now and having great photos for generations worth it.
Please contact me for the most recent version of my product pricing.
Session Fees
Session fee is $75 and includes an hour in my Germantown, Wisconsin base studio and an hour on location.  We have several nice parks near the studio, so those are often favorites with clients.  You can bring as many outfits as you would like, as I have no restriction on wardrobe changes.
My photo packages start at $350 and have a tremendous amount of flexibility in how it is created.  All prints also come with an 8x12 digital backup with a print release.
If you would like additional pricing details, please use the form below and I can send it over as well as give you a tour of the studio if you would like.
I look forward to working with your graduate on this major milestone in their life.
Thank you!
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